Abzyme Therapeutics - novel platform to accelerate generation of therapeutic antibodies

Abzyme Therapeutics is dedicated to developing human monoclonal antibodies for the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Through partnerships with our clients, we provide flexible access to our unique proprietary yeast-based self-diversifying fully human antibody library platform technology.

Abzyme offers yeast-based systems for rapid expression and selection of full-length natural human antibodies, or alternatively Fab or even single domain human and camelid ab fragments. The yeast host cells have been engineered to induce rapid diversification of the mab library V region repertoire via super-hypermutation, mimicking natural human affinity maturation mechanisms required for the generation of high affinity specific mabs. This unique expression and affinity maturation platform can deliver:

  • Rapid generation (in as little as two weeks in some cases) of tool antibodies for target validation experiments.
  • Concurrent affinity maturation of candidate antibody panels yielding high affinity, pM range full length human biotherapeutic mab candidates in 12-16 weeks.

If so desired Abzyme also offers traditional phage display human scFv and fAb library screening services.

We serve the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry through rapid generation of high affinity natural human monoclonal antibodies

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